32g memory card 64g recorder monitoring 128g flash memory card high-speed C10 mobile phone digital TF card 16g

Article number: OEM-TF card
Type: TF card
Source category: spot goods
Product type: brand new
Origin: Taiwan, China, China
Transmission rate: Class10
Reading and writing speed: 70
Write protection switch: not supported
Applicable objects: MP3, mobile phones, MP4, cameras, DSLRs, PSP game consoles, card speakers, amplifiers
Product size: 15mm x 11mm x1mm
Suitable gift giving occasions: trade fairs, advertising promotions, business gifts, public relations planning
Processing customization: Yes
OEM: OEM capable
Adding a logo: Yes
Processing method: customized according to drawings
Fastest shipping time: 1-3 days
Does it support one piece shipping: Yes
Packaging list: Bare cards can be packaged according to demand
Listing time: 2014
After sales service: one-year replacement
Invoice: General invoice
Memory Capacity: 32GB
Storage type: NAND FLASH
Color: Black
Capacity: 32GB-C10 speaker ordinary camera, 16GB-C10 car music card, 64GB-U3 low-end consumer use, 128GB-U3 low-end consumer use, 16GB-U3 high-speed recorder, 32GB-U3 high-definition surveillance camera, 64GB-U3 wireless monitoring drone, 128GB-U3 high-definition surveillance recorder, 256GB-U3 high-definition 4K game card, 512GB-U3 game card high-definition aerial photography, 8GB-C10 fixed point reading pen, 4GB-C10 navigation learning machine, 2GB smart watch learning machine, etc, 1GB earphone card speaker, 512MB fixed band test card, 256MB fixed band gift card, 128MB fixed band file card, 32GB-U1 speaker ordinary camera, 16GB-U1 car music card, 8GB-C10 card speaker navigation, 4GB-C6 player mobile phone, 16GB brand quality, 32GB brand quality, 64GB brand quality, 128GB brand quality, 256GB brand quality, 512GB brand quality, 1 TB-U3 game card high-definition aerial photography
Main downstream platforms: eBay, Amazon, Wish, AliExpress, Standalone, LAZADA
Main sales regions: Africa, Europe, South America, Southeast Asia, North America, Northeast Asia, Middle East
Authorized Private Brands: Yes
Is it a cross-border export exclusive source of goods? Yes
Series: TF
Model: T-flash
Extended function: can be equipped with an adapter
Order number: T-flash
Remarks: T-flash
Patent source: No
Reading speed: U3
Network access method: tablet, point reader, speaker, early childhood education machine, driving recorder, surveillance camera

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1To ensureconsumes’interestsPlease take five minutes before purchasingMust See

◆ Our storeTF、SDAll cards areBare card, original and sufficient quantity
◆ PackagingDifferent styles to be discussed separatelyFerruleAssembled and original
1000Please inquire about the latest price before shipping.
Flash memory prices fluctuate significantly. If you have any demand, please contact customer service to confirm the transaction price.

◆ Our company’s stock warehouseLarge inventoryMultiple versionsDifferent versions have their own advantages in priceYou can contact for reference.
◆ Our storeDo not make upgrade cardsAll babies areThe original quantity is sufficient, with a one-year warranty, and the after-sales service is industry-renowned.









Condition 1:

Put the storage card on the computer for recognition. Put it on your phone and don’t recognize it!!
This situation is often due to the memory card being formatted on the computer, but the formatting is not compatible with the phone.
The solution is to put the card back on the phone and use the “Format Memory Card” function on the phone to reformat it!!
Condition 2:
The phone prompts “Remove the memory card, please press OK”. Follow the prompts to remove the card and insert it into the phone later to continue using it, but it cannot be usedHow long have you been prompted to unplug the card, so repeatedly!!
This is because frequent insertion and removal of memory cards results in loose and poor contact of the phone’s memory card slot. You can consider going to customer service to check your phone and pay attention to itDo not use excessive force when hot swapping cards in the future!
Condition 3:
The reading and writing speed of TF cards is getting slower and slower, far inferior to when they first bought them.
It is also a storage device, and the TF memory card in the phone is the same as that in the computer. After using it for a period of time, it will return due to frequent deletion and copyingDisk fragmentation occurs, which affects read and write speed.
However, the disk format of the hard drive is FAT32 or NTFS, and the TF card in the phone is FAT16. Therefore, mobile phones are defragmented through the computer’s diskLater on, a series of errors often occur, with serious cases being caused by the insertion of the TF card into the phone. Actually, all we need to do is copy the hidden files in the TF cardFormat the card and copy the file in!!
Condition 4:
The phone suddenly requested the input of the storage card password, otherwise access was denied, but it was not previously set.
Unfortunately, you may have been hit by a mobile virus under the S60 system – the CARDBLK Trojan. This little trojan will perfectly disguise itself as an INSTANT.SIS broken version software for dissemination. After you accidentally run it, he will set a password for your card, which is randomGenerate up to 16 bits, with almost zero cracking ability. If poisoned, you can only say goodbye to the small card!!!
A: Do not accept applications and short messages from strangers. Especially from unfamiliar Bluetooth!!
B: Try to download things from trustworthy websites.
C: Install a professional virus software on your phone.
Condition 5:
Inserting a memory card on your phone cannot open a webpage, but unplugging it can!!
Opening a webpage without sending or “network” without responding may be caused by third-party input methods. Switch back to the original input method, and the problem is solved!!
Condition 6:
The 1GBYTE TF card was copied into a 600MB file and cannot be safely removed from the computer. Therefore, it was removed and loaded into the phoneDisplay ‘card damaged’, if connecting the card to the computer, the computer does not recognize it!
A storage card that copies large amounts of data at once may occasionally fail to delete the card. It is recommended to copy batches separately in the future,
If the phone’s memory card cannot be recognized by the computer, you can proceed with:
A: On the computer side, format using FAT16 format on the computer.
B: Fix using the forced formatting tool TFMEDIC.
C: Format the memory card directly on the phone.
Condition 7:
When formatting the memory card on the phone, the message ‘Memory card for use’ appears, and the issue persists when restarting the phone.
Try the following steps: shut down – reseat the memory card – turn on the computer.
Condition 8:
Many programs on the phone cannot run properly, and when the phone is connected to a storage card, it shows that the storage card does not exist and cannot be connected!
This situation is likely caused by the memory card being renamed, resulting in a program error. Simply go to the registry and enter it in the computer’s notebookBatch replacement of storage card names is enough!!
Condition 9:
After reformatting the memory card, it displays’ cannot be used ‘.
First, check if the formatted format is FAT32 format. If FAT16 format is used, if the problem persists, you can try using theRepair the ‘disk tool’ in the brain system.
Condition 10:
The multimedia photos and video files placed in the storage card suddenly disappeared.
Connect the storage card to the computer using a card reader, confirm its drive letter, open the computer’s “Start” menu, select Run, enter “CMD”, and then press EnterEnter “CHKDSK H:/F” under the MS-DOS command.
Condition 11:
After inserting the storage card into the card reader and connecting it, there is no response when the computer crashes, and then two situations occur:
A: Computer prompts that the storage card cannot be read
B: Losing patience in the long wait, unplugging the storage card, the computer shows that the storage card cannot be operated!!!
Check if the card reader is properly inserted!! No, change the card reader or format it. No, no, it’s just a card change!!!
However, one thing is good. If you encounter problems that cannot be handled, just leave them to us. As long as it’s our product package, you haven’t discussed it.

The above TF card unit price is for bare cards, and packaging, card sleeves, and anti-counterfeiting labels are separately calculated.

A large quantity can bring the required version, quantity, and price negotiation.

Single card small white boxDouble card small white box 0.1 yuan

Thickened double card small white box 0.2 yuan


The packaging is diverse and customizable. Welcome to Wangwang or call for consultation!

TFThe price of memory cards fluctuates greatly

So if you have any quantity, please contact us directly! Real time inquiry of prices The above prices are for reference in some cases

Large quantity of stock, mainly wholesale through channels and factory card matching!

The above prices are for a single card and do not include external packaging. The packaging needs to be reordered, and we are only outsourcing the packaging without making any profit!


Our profit margin is extremely small, please buyers understand the good market situation! Our main profit margin lies in controlling the market and utilizing years of experience to grasp future trends, rather than earning profits from customers. Customers are the guarantee for us to ship in large quantities! Please understand and support each other!

All products of the company are brand new and in sufficient quantity, please rest assured to purchase. (TF card/SD card/USB drive and other 32M; 64M; 128M; 256; 512M; 1GB; 2GB; 4GB; 8GB; 16GB; 32GB; 64GB capacities are available, please contact us if needed.)

Welcome orders of all sizes, with a daily stock capacity of 5K to 15K each. Ensure stable supply to all parties.
The main products are available in neutral OEM, general edition, circulation edition, factory edition, and other high-quality versions.


IIIMeasured data:

In order to better understand the performance of various cards, we will use industry-specific testing software to test and attach screenshotscharthavetruth(Test environment: WIN7, SSK card reader, USB2.0)


Baby is the brand’s original genuine product with a bare card quantity of K or more. Please contact the store owner directly to confirm the new unit price!  

Every product we ship is responsible for the entire channel! Always promise to exchange for one year!

Provide complete and authentic test data!

The following is the measured data of professional H2testw software and SSK’s USB2.0 card reader

Write up to 4.46M/s 8GB, with an actual measurable capacity of 7571MB


The following figure shows the capacity attribute under the WIN 7 system, with an actual capacity of 7.39GB


The following data measured with MyDiskTest 2.98 in the WIN 7 computer system and the SSK card reader USB2.0 environment prove the authenticity of the original memory card and the stability and unity of the data


Weight 100 kg
Dimensions 2 × 1 × 1 cm



32GB-C10 speaker, ordinary camera, etc, 16GB-C10 car music card, etc, 64GB-U3 low-end consumer use, 128GB-U3 low-end consumer use, 16GB-U3 high-speed recorder, etc, 32GB-U3 high-definition surveillance camera, 64GB-U3 wireless monitoring drones, etc, 128GB-U3 high-definition monitoring recorder, 256GB-U3 high-definition 4K game card, etc, 512GB-U3 game card high-definition aerial photography, 8GB-C10 fixed point reading pen, etc, 4GB-C10 navigation learning machine, etc, 2GB – Smart Watch Learning Machine, etc, 1GB headphone card speaker, etc, 512MB fixed belt test machine card, etc, 256MB Fixed Band Gift Card, etc, 128MB fixed tape file card, etc, 32GB-U1 speaker, ordinary camera, etc, 16GB-U1 car music card, etc, 8GB-C10 card speaker navigation, etc, 4GB-C6 player, mobile phone, etc, 16GB – Brand Quality, 32GB – Brand Quality, 64GB – Brand Quality, 128GB – Brand Quality, 256GB – Brand Quality, 512GB – Brand Quality, 1 TB-U3 game card high-definition aerial photography


TF card

transmission speed


Reading and writing speed


Applicable objects

MP3, mobile phone, MP4, camera, SLR camera

Product Size

15mm x 11mm x1mm




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